''Hair Texture Pack'' Free

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This hair texture pack is made completely by hand by me.

Right click to open the pictures in new pages for a better view.

The hair sample is not included.

Only for the hair that matches this hair texture.

If you need to use this hair texture on a hair that does not match this hair texture, you need to re-swap the hair UV.

Here is some relative tutorials.

Blender 2.9 Anime Hair Modelling Explanation + Process by Kri

Blender 3.0 Easy Hair Cards with Curves By Eliza

When you import the texture to unity, make sure that the "Alpha Is Transparency" box is checked to avoid any incorrect clipping. This won't be obvious with the 2k texture, but will be if you make the texture a lower pixel size for optimization.


CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (优动漫 Paint EX) / Adobe Photoshop 2020 / Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660


  1. You must credit this texture to the specific link to this item: ''https://cicieaaavr.gumroad.com/l/cicihairtex'' or ''Hair Texture Pack Free by Cicieaaa#7777 ''
  2. This textures is allowed to be use in a free hair or a hair for sale.
  3. You are not allowed to claim this asset as your work, no matter how heavy the edit is.
  4. This texture currently can not be used for blockchain/NFT purchases or works.

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''Hair Texture Pack'' Free

1516 ratings
I want this!